Advanced Patent Information Course (APIC)

Learn more about FTO, Opposition and Invalidity, Patent Landscaping, Inventive Step and other Legal Aspects

Advanced Patent Information Course (APIC)


Those who took the basic course (BPIC) some time ago and/or do have some working experience in patent information might be interested. The Advanced Course should help you not only in further improving your searches, but especially in analyzing your search results and thus adding more value to your reporting. This new advanced course will cover, spread over 4 days, topics like legal aspects and patent analysis. You will learn about novelty and inventive step, legal practice, selection and usage of analytical tools.



Training structure

The training consists of 4 components:

Day 1: Freedom-to-operate Searching (Monika Hanelt)

Day 2: Opposition and Invalidity-searching (Aalt van de Kuilen)

Day 3: Patent Landscaping (Gerard van der Ligt)

Day 4: Advanced legal aspects (Bart van Wezenbeek)


All lessons will be presented in English.