Basic Patent Information Course (BPIC)

The Basic Patent Information Course consists of eight modules which can also be followed as refresher courses. The course will provide students with a solid knowledge of patent information, in general, however, particular attention is given to patent searches, legal aspects, the accessibility and retrieval of patent information.

Training structure and site

The course is offered over 17 days, divided over ±5 weeks, with an additional 7 to 10 hours of study required per week. The course consists of 8 components, which also can be followed individually as a refresher course:


  • Patent documents and their accessibility (M1A)
  • Patent classification (M1B)
  • Patent legal aspects and patent legislation (M2)
  • Searching Non Patent Literature (M3A)
  • Free text searching and citation searching (M3B)
  • Retrieval and distribution of patent literature (M3C)
  • Patent landscaping (M3D)
  • Approaches for several kinds of patent searches (M4)


The course sessions are held in a dedicated training center in The Hague/Voorburg (Netherlands). All lessons will be presented in the English language.


Admission requirements

Students must have at least a bachelor degree in a technical-scientific discipline. During the training there is frequent use of the Internet. Participants are expected to have some experience of this medium.



The course concludes with an examination that is overseen by the exchange examining board of GO opleidingen. Candidates who pass the examination will receive an official certificate, registered with a governing body, Stichting Post-HBO in the Netherlands.


Registration and costs

The registration cost for the complete course are € 6995,-. This amount includes examination and training materials which are distributed at start of the training.You may register with our registration form, which you find on the back of our brochure. Registrations are treated in the order received. Places cannot be reserved. However, cancellation of your registration is possible up to four weeks before the start of the training and is only accepted in written form.


Additional information

For detailed information please contact Theo Verbeij via